Autumn/Winter 2016/17 Trend Report

It’s a Jungle in Here; Why Green is a Key Autumn/Winter 2016/17 Interior Design Trend
August 9, 2016 Philippa
dark green paint on the walls

I know it’s still August, but as the days begin to get that bit shorter and the shops put up their ‘Back To School’ displays, I can’t help looking ahead to Autumn and dreaming up ideas for a spot of decorating ready for the cooler months. Luckily one of the key trends for this Autumn/Winter also sits really well with a more summery vibe, linking with the current trend for botanics; houseplants and tropical prints. But for the coming season, our flirtation with indoor greenery is about to get serious. We’re talking full-on, no-getting-away-from it green. Green walls, green furniture, green accessories. Even…if you dare…green ceilings.

What’s more, in line with the general trend for darker paint colours, the green you’ll need to pull-off this look, is the deep, rich, moody kind. Think forest green, racing green, grey-toned greens and rich, deep blackened emeralds. Personally, even as a fan of light, bright Scandinavian style, I’m looking forward to adding some cosy deeper colours and embracing the cocooning qualities of a full-coloured space.

So, without further ado, here is the full low-down on how to go green; which paint colours we love, what to pair them with and the accessories to do it justice.


So, even though I said that this trend moves away from my love of Scandi-Style pale hues, one of the key ways to use green is with a nod to Nordic style. Think forest greens or slightly grey or black-toned greens with palest pink, or even grey accessories, pale wooden Scandinavian-style minimalist furniture and pared-back styling.

The paint colours I love for this look are Farrow and Ball’s Green Smoke or Myland’s Messel

Of course, green and pink has now become one of the hottest colour combinations for 2017 and into 2018 – you can read more about this lovely combination in our feature about how to make pink and green work in your home.


Warm-toned metallic accessories and finishes really do shine against a rich moody green backdrop, with the dramatic paint colour somehow adding even more vibrancy to the contrasting, glowing-metal.

Dulux’s New Zealand site coined the phrase ‘Future Past’ for their dark green palette as part of their 2016 trend predictions, using gold and copper metal accessories in the styling for their images. Another great example of this green and metallic pairing is in deVOL’s Peckham Rye kitchen images; here the green is set-off beautifully with the luxe gold and marble fittings.


This is much brighter, and in many ways, more difficult than a duskier shade of green (but we like a challenge, right?). A vibrant emerald green shade on walls is a big statement. I love the way this colour seems to glow; it is so intense and again, goes well with pink, but this time, perhaps a richer salmon-toned shade. It also works well with either black or white, or, in fact, both, with green being a great accent colour for monochrome schemes. Whilst it would be a fabulous colour for walls, I think my favourite way to incorporate this shade is with a big, squashy, green velvet sofa. Pile on the botanical cushions or tone it down with some plainer more muted ones; perhaps some blue-greys and darker greens.

So that’s just a few ideas for how to bring (even more) green into your home. I for one am excited by how easy-to-live-with this colour trend is and how, by adding a dark green wall, paired with accessories that you may already have, pale pink textiles, copper or gold accents, you can update a room really quickly.

I’d love to hear your thoughts and if you’re taking the plunge and going green, how are you planning on doing it?

Top image of Artilleriet, Sweden via

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Comments (7)

  1. Emma 2 years ago

    Lovely! I love the green. I am also a big fan of copper too 🙂 #HomeEtc

    • Author
      Philippa 2 years ago

      Thanks Emma, so pleased you like it! X

  2. I love this — but at the same time it makes me shudder!! When we bought our last house, the previous owners had painted the sitting room — including the ceiling — in a dark forest green. And, they kindly varnished it all too.

    They were probably way ahead of their time but this didn’t work for us 10 years ago and, needless to say, it took a LOT of work to get rid of it!!!! I had to sand the walls and ceiling before we could even get the first coat of white emulsion to stick!!!!! LOL!!! *facepalm* Thanks for linking up lovely! Caro x #HomeEtc

    • Author
      Philippa 2 years ago

      Oh no that sounds awful!! I think you’re allowed to have an aversion after that! Yes I definitely don’t like the glossy green look! Philippa x

  3. Lovely styles. I am not a huge fan of green on my walls but I do love plants and accessories. Thanks for sharing, Jess xx


    • Author
      Philippa 2 years ago

      Thanks Jess! Yes it can be a tricky one; I’m tempted by one wall I have to say but accessories and plants is also another lovely way to bring in some green! Philippa x

  4. Jayne Stark 2 years ago

    When I think of Scandinavian style I think of less is more, I really like the look created in this brochure We converted our loft and put fitted wardrobes in giving us a brooding space that we’ve decorated with barky woods as well as leaf patterns and cool greys! I’m glad this trend is showing such longevity as it’s versatile and interchangeable as well.

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