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The Perfect Hallway; Living the Dream of a Clutter Free Entryway
August 5, 2016 Philippa
modern rustic hallway with mirror

You know the saying ‘a tidy workspace equals a tidy mind’, well my workspace is…occasionally tidy, but how I feel about the entryway to my home always reminds me of this quote. When I think of my dream home, I imagine opening the door and seeing ‘The Perfect Hallway’. For me, a fabulous, functional, clutter free hallway equals a fabulous and happy home. Not only is your hallway the first thing guests and visitors will see (and it’s always nice to make a good first impression), more importantly it’s also the space that you will see every time you enter and leave your home and there is noting nicer than walking in to a beautiful, well-ordered space. In our flat, every room leads off from our hallway, so it’s appearance is (literally) central to the overall look of our home. I know the kitchen is supposed to be the heart of the home, but if your hallway really is at the heart of yours, giving it a little love can have a big impact on the feel of your entire space.

Luckily, the hallway is also one of the easiest spaces to transform, often being fairly compact and requiring only a few pieces of furniture. Here are my top tips for a beautiful hallway, together with some suggestions for furniture and styling.


In my opinion you can never have too many hooks in your hallway! I’m a fan of using as much of the wall space in your hallway as necessary to hang as much clutter as possible out of the way and off of the floor. Use Scandinavian style pegs and peg boards to hang everything from coats and scarves to hats and bags, even shoes if they are beautiful enough. Kreisdesign’s Peg It all Boards come with either just hooks, or a combination of hooks and shelves, which is the perfect way to integrate storage for keys and accessories alongside space for hanging clothes.

If you’re even more squeezed for space, or just prefer a smaller storage solution for hanging coats and scarves, then some smart coat hooks or a coat rack is a hallway essential. Of course coat hooks are ten a penny, but in keeping with the spirit of trying to maximise the beauty of this often overlooked space, we really love the handcrafted, beautifully made selection of racks we’ve gathered together on (naturally!). With locally sourced wood, well-considered design and a strong minimalist Scandinavian aesthetic, these four options from four UK-based designers tick all of our boxes.

A gorgeous example of a minimalist hallway which uses hooks and pegs to their full advantage is this dutch family home, found on Over The Ocean. The clean lines combined with the reflective polished concrete floor creates a feeling of light and space and the wicker baskets displayed on simple hooks add just the right amount of softness.


So you’ve sorted out where to hang your coats etc, but something which I think can help transform a hallway from an awkward unused space, to somewhere you may enjoy lingering while you put your shoes on, is somewhere to sit comfortably while you do so. We’re talking benches, obviously! Narrow enough to not get in the way, room for more than one of you at a time, most hallways can accommodate a bench of some sort and, even better, there’s room underneath to store baskets of shoes or hats or…you get the idea!

Not got space for a bench? A stool can be tucked away when not in use and pulled out for getting your wellies on and off, or waiting for the kids to get their shoes on (better make it comfortable then…).


So, now we’ve got some of the practicalities sorted, it’s time to focus on the really fun bit – adding those finishing touches to make you smile. Given that floor space is often at an premium, I like using the walls in my hallways to add personality and interest and create a homely feel; mirrors add to the feeling of space and pictures hung up in groups add the finishing touches. For something a little different, I also love these new plant shelves by designer-maker Heather Scott. they’re really well made from sturdy powder coated steel and hand-cut and finished wood, so they will last and can be used for plants as well as other accessories; even as a chic and handy place for keys, phones and other paraphernalia that you want kept up out of the way and in one place.

Here are two examples of how effective using your hallway walls to display favourite objects can be. I just love the simple palette used in both spaces, the rustic, handcrafted pieces displayed and the airiness and interest created in each hall.

I think it’s possible, (and more fun!) to think both in terms of the practicalities and aesthetics when it comes to your hallway. Select the furniture that’s going to do the job but also look good and stand-up to a fair bit of wear and tear. But then, I think the hallway is such a great place to have some fun with your design scheme. I love a clean minimalist, Scandinavian look, and carrying that through with interesting displays of objects like in the above examples is a lovely way to bring some interest and personality. But if that’s not your thing, then I think just go for with your own style ideas; the bolder the better and I’d love to hear your thoughts about what makes the perfect hallway.


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Comments (11)

  1. Emma 2 years ago

    Oh some really great ideas here. I really need to sort the storage out in my hallway and it is something that I keep meaning to do! #HomeEtc

    • Author
      Philippa 2 years ago

      Thank you glad you like the ideas! Yes even though we’ve given our hall some attention recently, we could still do with more storage! ? Philippa X

  2. Emma Plus Three 2 years ago

    Lovely ideas. I love the plant shelves x #HomeEtc

    • Author
      Philippa 2 years ago

      Thanks so much Emma, glad you like the ideas. Yes I love Heather’s plant shelves too!? Philippa x

  3. Love this post Philippa! In particular the gorgeous wooden seat in the hall and the funky pegboard idea. We hope to decorate our hallway next year and although an overlooked area in the home, I think you can really go to town with creative pieces there! Keira x #HomeEtc

    • Author
      Philippa 2 years ago

      Thanks Keira! Yes I think the hallway is a great place to be creative! Philippa X

  4. Oh my….lusting over everything here! I need to have that bungee cord coat hook in my life! It’s so hard to strike the balance between storage and clutter. I really need to work on it 😉 #homeetc

  5. Lovely ideas, I moved house recently so need all the advice I can get!

  6. Ohmyword. I literally want ALL of it!!!!!!!! But, first, we need to move to a house that actually has a hallway!!! 😉 Our little cottage has a 2ft square vestibule, as you come in through the front door. An actual HALLWAY is on my wishlist, as well as these lovely items!! 🙂

    • Author
      Philippa 2 years ago

      Thanks for reading, Caro! Ha ha yes a hallway is needed first I suppose! We have a disproportionately large one in our flat; it should really be knocked into one of the other rooms but as it’s there I’m going to make a feature of it! ? Philippa X

  7. Totally agree – love our hallway and it is practical too 🙂 Thanks for sharing, Jess xx


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