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Beautiful Botanics – Give Your Home Some Plant Love
July 17, 2016 Philippa

I love spending time outside and I love how being surrounded by plants and greenery makes me feel; calmer and more energised. But, let’s face it, there are only so many months of the year in the UK that we can spend any real time in the great outdoors. That’s why I’m such a huge fan of the current trend for bringing the outside into our homes. From house plants to tropical  decor, there are so many great ways to add a little botanical beauty to your home. Here are some of my favourite ideas…


My current feeling about house plants is; there’s no such thing as too many. I don’t usually subscribe to the maximalist approach when it comes to decoration, but when tapping into this trend, a couple of plants hidden away in corners here or there just isn’t going to cut it. When it comes to this look, more plants is definitely more!


Now, although I’m a fan of house plants, I haven’t always had the best record of actually keeping them alive… Things change and these days I’m better at remembering to water, but I also really love (and am very grateful for) the popularity (and downright cuteness) of succulents and cacti. I can’t go to my local plant centre without coming back with one or two new ones to add to the collection. When it comes to cacti, I love them all; big and small. A collection of smaller plants look brilliant lined in pots on shelves and in small groups on top of sideboards, especially if you keep the pots similar in material or style. But then there are the big cacti that can become a real focal (and talking) point and I think these look fantastic either on their own, or grouped.


I have long-admired green walls when I’ve seen them on the side of urban skyscrapers and large public buildings, but one of my favourite ways to display indoor plants is also vertically. Heather Scott’s understated minimalist TORO wall plinth is inspired by her local plant centre and is hand crafted by Heather in her cornish studio from powder coated steel and either ash or scorched oak wood and is the perfect way to display your most treasured plants at eye level. It can also, handily, be used for displaying other items! I also love the idea of an indoor wall of succulents, like this example, which adds so much colour and texture and quite literally, life, to a space.


If you want to start small (or if you’ve already let the plants take over the rest of the house and you just want to add more…) then adding a few pieces of tropical stationery to your collection is a very easy way to add a taste of the tropics. These notebooks by Lydia Meiying put a smile on my face everytime I use them!


If remembering to water is too high-maintenance, then faux is definitely an option, especially if you go for the very best quality, like Abigail Ahern’s beautiful collection of very realistic looking plants. Her Atelier Abigail Ahern (below) in Islington shows what can be achieved with the generous use of over-sized plants and you’d never know they’re not real!


Adding some colourful wall art with a tropical foliage-inspired feel is the perfect way to either enhance an already botanical space or add a flavour of the look to a more pared-back scheme. These vibrant art prints, by rising star Lucy Freeman are a modern and striking way to add colour and that tropical feel to any room and could be used on their own or in a group for even more impact. I’m also a fan of bold tropical wallpapers such as this cacti-inspired one below.

As you can see, there are so many different ways to embrace this trend and add a little greenery to your home. We know that plants are good for us; improving the air we breathe and helping us to connect with nature and that’s one of the reasons why I love this trend. It’s good for me and it’s also good fun; fill your home with beautiful plants and bold, tropical prints, and you’re creating a space that’s guaranteed to make you smile!

What are your favourite ways to bring the outside in? I’d love to hear your tips for adding some botanical beauty to the home.



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  1. mummyofboygirltwins 9 months ago

    YES!! I seem to be pinning all of these on Pinterest at the moment 🙂 Love this trend and idea of bringing the outdoors in!!

    Jess xx


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